et Row shortcode, one of the most powerful tool in the theme. One requires exploring layout and space, manage colours and fonts, and arrange it all together in a format in order to put all the intended messages across. Those resources will enable one know details of web design even if one is a professional web developer or just on one’s beginning stage leading to the web.

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Yep, now you can overlap images thanks to the Row shortcode.

Colour is present everywhere. With it we make our world up and help ourselves see things from different angles. In short, it is what as we see the things around us and as we dress up our world.

The ‘red’ or the ‘black’ is not mere colour; they have meaning beyond their looks econd were which whales rule.

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It has become popular because this editor provides a visual interface to the design effects. At the same time, it should be remembered there are more opportunities and resources than they meet the eyes.

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Ever had one of those funny questions about life? Then please read on. When it comes to funny questions and thoughts about life, every time I’ve seen them all may fowl blessed earth stars.

I’ve discovered or written, I know there’s more because thats, well… life.

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Overlapping Images and Text

Just one good joke in a day can actually relieve a high amount of stress, and make your hormones come to their normal levels despite all the anxiety and pressures of the professional life.

Think of it this way, has not there been a day when you were told a joke by a friend or relative on the phone or via SMS, and you kept on thinking about the same throughout the day, and had a great, stress-free working.

The Hidden Power of Humor

“Creativity is the answer. I always prefer the creative solution to an expensive solution.”

Margins and Paddings

Just one good joke in a day can actually relieve a high amount of stress, and make your hormones come to their normal levels despite all the anxiety and pressures of the professional life.

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Just one good joke in a day can actually relieve a high amount of stress, and make your hormones come to their normal levels despite all the anxiety and pressures of the professional life.

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Having a boring day at the office or at uni, daydreaming about which bars or nightclubs you will be heading to this weekend? If so here is a few bar and nightclub jokes to break up the mediocrity of the daily grind.

A man walks into a bar and asks the bartender for 5 double shots. The bartender, a little surprised lines up the glasses and pours them out, assuming his mates are just round the corner.

The bartenders, amazed by this feat of drinking turns to the man and goes “that’s a big effort.”

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Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein said, “A serious and good philosophical work could be written consisting entirely of jokes.”


For centuries the art of scrapbooking has been kept alive because we all love mementos and souvenirs of our past. We all like taking photos of our friends and our families because very often we do not get to spend as much time as we would like with them. Creative memories scrapbooking is a wonderful way of keeping these special occasions alive. It is a way of capturing the treasured moments you spend together in a personal photographic journal.

Very often all our photographs stay in boxes or drawers because we never seem to have the time to sort through them. Some of our favourite ones may get framed or put into albums which then just stay on a bookshelf gathering dust. But photos often depict milestones in our lives. These photos are often taken during important occasions such as weddings, christenings and birthday parties.

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The old days, well old days to you but not such old days to me, certain actors and actresses would become so popular that they would go on seemingly forever in films, until they were not able to do the job any longer or died.

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